Incredible Aurora Viewing Adventure


Taking You Where You Want To Go

The Aurora season is from August 21st – April 21st.

Tours Offered Everyday

9-10 PM – Pick up

3-4 AM – Return time

Tour Details:
  • Depart from Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • The adventure starts in our warm, modern luxury VIP sprinter van to one or more locations that, depending on weather, will be best for viewing.
  • Learn from a local expert about Fairbanks and Alaska in a small group setting (no more than 14 guests)
  • Training on how to take photos of the Incredible Northern Lights with hands-on assistance
  • Enjoy looking up stargazing into the universe, glamour at the constellations, maybe catch a shooting star, and chase the Aurora Borealis
  • Per request, while waiting for Aurora we offer a campfire with delicious, homegrown, Alaskan reindeer hot dogs
  • On evenings when the Northern Lights are exceptionally active, we may stay out later for your enjoyment
  • Aurora Portraits are included if desired for FREE.
  • Adventure includes hotel pick-up and drop-off

*Pick up and drop off is offered for hotels and B&B’s in the Fairbanks area. Must be within 5 miles of downtown Fairbanks

Additional Tour Information

What should you expect on your guided Aurora Adventure?

  • An email the day of the tour with a pickup time and information.
  • An education of the science behind the Aurora.
  • Understand what makes Fairbanks the perfect location for Northern Light viewing.
  • Perfect Aurora Pictures your local expert guide will offer techniques and settings on your digital camera or smartphone to take fantastic photos of the Aurora!
  • Drinks – We offer beverages at all times. our Drink Bar “Borealis Brew” is stocked with locally brewed, freshly ground Alaska Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Water & Other Alaska Beverages

$110/ Person (All Ages)

5 Hours
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time to come view the Aurora?

Anytime your personal schedule will allow from August 21st to April 21st. I find April to be the best of all months. More information can be found here.

Anytime from August 21st to April 21st is a good time. I find March to be among the best of all months.

Do you offer winter clothing rentals?

No. We suggest wearing a warm jacket, wool socks, gloves, and snowpants if you have them. Hand warmers are also very nice to have. If needed please check out Alaska Element, a locally owned winter clothing rental company. They offer warm clothing packages and will even deliver to your hotel and pick it up when you are done!

Is seeing the northern lights guaranteed?

YES!! No other company is as good as us! We will only go out when we know we are going to see some Aurora. With our key locations and experience we will view the Northern Lights or you can come out viewing with us again for free within the next 30 days. If you are scheduled for a day and the weather is not favorable we will call and suggest a better day. If you decide you would like to take the odds we will still go out but can not promise you Aurora.

Where does the tour go?

We have many, perhaps dozens of locations we have used for viewing the aurora. Like a fisherman trying to keep his fishing holes secret we also do not publish where we go specifically, but as a general rule of thumb, we try to stay within 2 hours or about 100 miles of Fairbanks. On rare occasion we will chase farther.

We have all grown up in Fairbanks and naturally we know many if not dozens of prime viewing locations that we will travel to depending on weather conditions. That being said we wont be chasing more than 95 miles or two hours away.

Do you offer a discount for (fill in the blank)?

The pricing listed is the best price we can offer and still deliver an incredible aurora viewing adventure. Our tour dose offer the most value when you compare to our competitors. We won’t nickel and dime you for pictures or camera help. The beverages and food we provide are all unlimited and complimentary just for you! We run the newest transportation for your comfort and safety. Our sprinter van holds up to 14 guest and is very large. Every seat is reclining and you can stand all the way up anywhere in the van. Lastly it features a beautiful Roles Royce ceiling making the ride magical!

What makes your tour different?

You will find different tour companies that offer Aurora Viewing from cabins, yurts, lodges, etc they pack as many people as they can into low quality vans or full size busses. This leads to several problems. Fist of all hopefully the location they are taking you to is a good location for Aurora on that particular night as you will be stuck there the entire night. Secondly imagine lots of people around you with flashlights ruining your pictures and views of the aurora. Lastly I don’t know about you but I don’t particularly like being cramped in a small bus or van with 20 – 40 other people. When booking with us you will be treated like royalty and ride in comfort in our very nice vip sprinter. While other people may not be able to view the Aurora from there yurt we will be chasing the lights and getting amazing photos!